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Over time your carpets may begin to ripple or bunch up. This can be caused because of moving heavy objects over your carpets, or heavy foot traffic and can wear out your carpets.  Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning is happy to provide carpet repair and stretching to stretch back your carpets. Doing this will help your carpets look better and last much longer. When we stretch your carpets we will pull up the ends of the flooring and then stretch it until it is tight. This will help your carpets look new and last longer!

Our Process

Our technician carefully untacks the carpet from near the walls. We use special tools such as the Knee Kicker and Power Stretcher to do the job carefully. We then cut the excess carpet to avoid more ripples in the future. The technician will then hand tuck and re-tack down the remaining carpet. Once completed there is a thorough final inspection to confirm the job meets our Heaven’s Best requirements.

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Restore the Visual Appearance of your Home

Improve Safety by Preventing Tripping

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Improve the Wear Patterns Over the Carpet's Lifetime

Carpet Repair Jacksonville FL

After your carpet repair, carpets that need to be re-stretched will typically be visible to the naked eye. Look near heavy furniture, as the buckles will appear near heavy objects. You can try and lift the carpet up by pinching the fibers. If they lift more than 1 inch, you should consider having your carpets stretched, however, larger rooms will have more flexibility in the carpet.

Call us for your carpet repair and stretching. Not only will it improve the visual appearance of your carpet but it will also help it from continuing to get more damaged. When your carpet is loose foot traffic drags on it more increasing the damage done to the carpet.

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