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Upholstery Cleaning

Heaven’s Best Upholstery Cleaning is so heavenly because of the methods we use to care for your furniture. Our formulas to clean out stains and grime, while keeping the texture and vibrant colors in the fabric. We have also made our cleaning solutions eco-friendly and safe for children and pets. Heaven’s Best trains our technicians how to examine the fabric of the upholstered item. This allows them to determine what cleaning solutions will best suit the furniture. Following these steps leads to the item being gently, yet thoroughly cleaned while still maintaining its vivid colors.

Our equipment and specially designed formulas allow us to deeply clean any upholstered furniture in your home. This includes anything from dining chairs, loveseats and couches to futons and mattresses. Even outside your house, if you have seats in vehicles that need cleaned call Heaven’s Best for upholstery cleaning. Our equipment will leave the seats in your car looking incredible and smelling citrusy clean.

Get rid of the dust and crumbs that build up in your most well loved furniture. Call Heaven’s Best upholstery cleaning to give your furniture some care that it needs. Not only will this cleaning process improve the appearance of your furniture, it will also help protect it from future wear and tear.

Advantages of using Heaven's Best

Upholstery Cleaning Experts

Heavy Traffic Area Upholstery Cleaning Specialist

Cleaning Holds Up Longer

Restores That "Like New" Feeling to Upholstery

Organic-Non Toxic Solutions Used

Faster Dry Time

Pet Urine Removal Specialist

Boat and Vehcile Cleaning


Gets Your Carpets Cleaned Too

Drying times on upholstered items vary depending on what type of item it is, but our techniques guarantee that it will dry quickly. With carpet cleaning we know it only takes 1 hour to dry. We recommend getting your carpets and upholstered furniture cleaned regularly. Many of our customers will have carpets and furniture cleaned at the same time. This keeps these expensive items in your home looking good and lasting longer. We know that furniture is an important part of anyone’s home. Hire Heaven’s Best to give your furniture the care it needs to continue to look, feel and smell it’s best for you and your family.

For more information on carpet cleaning go here.


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